What is SwingTECH ?

SwingTECH is easy to quickly assemble and disassemble. When assembled, SwingTECH is a five foot aluminum rod with a swivel on one end that attaches to a stationary object such as a wall, tree, door, or post. On the other end of the rod is a brass and delrin action-joint that attaches to a simulated golf club.

The length of the rod and the positioning of the swivel on the stationary object are such that when you swing the “club,” you will follow a swing plane that is correct for you height and arm length. Just five minutes a day will help you develop and retain the “muscle memory” that is essential for a confident, repeatable swing.

Swing Correctly The First Time

The “SwingTECH System” is designed to help you swing, on plane, from your very first session. Whether you’re a beginning golfer or proficient player, getting the correct swinging motion right from the start is essential. If you start with an incorrect swing, or if the swing you’ve been using “goes south,” you’ll have to begin all over again to find the right swing plane. With the SwingTECH System, that just won’t happen.

Creates the Actual Swing “Feel”

We like to watch professional golfers and visualize how they are swinging. But when we get to the practice tee (or the tee box!), that visualization falls apart. A visual concept does not create the “feel” of the swing. But the SwingTECH System does. It teaches your body precisely what it should do.

Enhances Professional Advice and Lessons

The reason so many teaching professionals are turning to the SwingTECH System to help their students is because by using SwingTECH, the correct swing motion is simplified. Students can spend time practicing the right swing and the teacher can focus on other parts of the game.

Teaches Correct Plane and Path

With the SwingTECH System, your swing movement will always follow the correct plan and path. It does not allow radical variations like a flying elbow, swaying, or over-active hands.