Muscle Memory

Is there such a thing as Muscle Memory?

Only the brain can have true memory. However, “muscle memory” is a very good descriptive term that relates to the interaction between our brain and nervous system. Examples abound. Think of someone at a computer keyboard “touch typing” — clicking away while not looking at the keys. A violinist doesn’t look at the fingerboard while playing. Those actions need to be very precise. The precision comes from our ability to repeat the same movements over and over and over again, always hitting the right keys, the right notes.


Unlike breathing or eating, which are involuntary movements or actions, typing, playing the violin and, of course, the golf swing, are all voluntary movements. We have to learn them. That’s where the SwingTECH System is an exceptionally useful tool to build muscle memory so you can quickly develop the correct motion for the golf swing.



Because SwingTECH compels your body to move precisely the same way, over and over again, you develop muscle memory for the golf swing. Spend just five minutes a day with the SwingTECH System and your confidence in your golf swing will increase dramatically because your muscles will “remember” to keep you and your club on the right swing plane.